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Inpatient Alcohol Treatment

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Recovering in an inpatient alcohol treatment center is the safest way to recover.

Studies have proven the effectiveness of inpatient alcohol treatment and treatment professionals continue to tout this as the safest, most effective method of care for those who suffer from alcoholism or addiction.  The first phase of any inpatient alcohol treatment program will be to spend some time in a residential detox program where physical dependence can be treated.  Because the body has become accustomed to using alcohol as a way of feeling good, coping with pain, and otherwise feeling “normal” it will take medical intervention, time and a strong commitment from the user to effectively make it past physical dependence and prepare for long-term recovery.

Benefits of Inpatient Alcohol Treatment

For the recovering addict, there are a number of benefits associated with inpatient alcohol treatment.  This treatment removes the addict from the danger of being involved with others who abuse drugs or alcohol and it allows them to place 100% of their time and their focus on recovery.  Around-the-clock therapy and support help the addict to remain sober and comfortable even during challenging times when withdrawal symptoms are difficult to cope with or when emotional stress arises.

Statistically, those who attend a residential alcohol treatment program for a period of 30 days or more are likely to remain sober longer than those who attempt other methods of treatment.  In fact, studies show that recovering addicts to seek professional help in an inpatient alcohol treatment program are twice as likely to stay sober after treatment as those who do not seek professional help.

Who Needs Inpatient Alcohol Treatment?

You may be wondering if inpatient alcohol treatment is right for you?  Generally speaking, inpatient alcohol treatment is the right choice for you if:

  • you have tried to quit drinking before and your efforts did not work out
  • you have tried outpatient treatment but it didn’t work out
  • you are heavily addicted to alcohol and cannot stop thinking about having another drink
  • you feel serious side effects when you don’t drink such as anxiety, tremors or seizures
  • you have other health or mental illnesses
  • you do not have a strong support network to lean on at home

Not everyone who is addicted to alcohol will require the intensive care of an inpatient alcohol treatment program, but these programs are effective and helpful for those who have let their addiction spiral out of control and who need added help to get sober.  It can be trying, recovery may seem impossible and you may want to give up while in treatment but it’s important to keep pushing forward and working hard toward your own sobriety.

Choosing Inpatient Treatment

Once you’ve made the decision to seek professional help, you can begin working on choosing the best inpatient treatment for your individual needs.  Not all alcohol treatment centers are created equal!  It’s important to choose an inpatient alcohol treatment program that:

  • is affordable
  • is cost effective
  • provides you with proper medical care for your individual health needs
  • can help you recover
  • understands your situation
  • is ready to provide effective treatment no matter how long it takes

You may want to choose an inpatient program that’s close to home if you plan on visiting with friends and family while you are in treatment.  This is an acceptable plan but don’t be afraid to also consider the treatment options that may be available away from your home town.  You could find that getting away and seeking professional help outside of your comfort zone actually helps you to recover more quickly and more effectively.