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Why You Need to Go to a Methadone Clinic for Treatment

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Studies have demonstrated that methadone maintenance can be effective in improving an opiate addict’s physical and psychological health and helping them to recover from the many adverse aspects of opiate addictions.

The Role of the Methadone Clinic

Methadone is a synthetic opioid that can reduce cravings and opiate withdrawals for 24 hours or more with a long history of being effective in medication assisted therapy for opioid addictions when combined with counseling, behavioral therapies, and other support services.

Methadone clinics are regulated as Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs) by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and accordingly, “treatment protocols require that a client take the medication at the clinic where it is dispensed daily.” Take-home dosages are allowed after an established period of time as determined by the facility administrators.”

With the rise in opioid prescription drug abuse and increased exposures to heroin, methadone clinics are now more accessible and flexible to provide the long term assistance and necessary options needed for treatment retention, engagement, and improved outcomes.

Why You Need to Go to a Methadone Clinic for Treatment

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Methadone clinics are licensed to provide the medication by the government.

No one sets out to become an opiate addict and most receive very little pleasure from the drugs after they have been using them for a while. It is simply a form of survival.

A typical day as an opiate addict may involve several cycles of intoxications and withdrawals associated with the short acting opioids. Methadone eliminates the need for these repeat behaviors and provides substantial normalization of the many physiological disturbances that have resulted.

Opioids not only change dopamine functions in the brain that involve pleasure, motivation, and learning, but, these drugs dramatically affect the regulation of addictive behaviors. A proper dose of methadone administered daily can sustain you while decreasing your opioid dependency and giving you time to adjust to living a healthier, more productive and enjoyable life.

When Do You Need to Go to a Methadone Clinic for Treatment?

You need to go to a methadone clinic for treatment if:

  • You have developed a dependency to opiates and have been unsuccessful in previous attempts to quit or have an ongoing history of relapse despite having participated in a formal treatment program.
  • You use opiates intravenously, have a disease such as Hepatitis C, AIDs, HIV, or sexually transmitted disease, or are at risk for contracting one due to your addiction.
  • Have physical or psychological impairments from opioid use or the conditions are exacerbated by use.
  • You engage in criminal activity or risky behaviors because of your use or to support your habit.
  • You are unemployed and unable to get a job because of your addiction.
  • You have suffered legal, economic, social, familial, or other environmental issues because of your addiction.