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Vicodin Addiction Treatment

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Vicodin Addiction Treatment

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Vicodin addiction is a very tough addiction to kick, but there are treatment options for people that want to get off the drug. Unlike alcohol and other drug addictions addiction to Vicodin is relatively new and the drug is one that is prescribed, but can still be bought on the street. However. Like other drugs when trying to get off Vicodin addiction there can be withdrawal symptoms and users will have to go through a detoxification process in order to get the drug out of their system. There is a lot of help out there in the form of various types of treatment available.

Understanding Vicodin Addiction

As stated before Vicodin is a prescription medication that is used as a pain reliever. Since it is a very powerful type of pain medication many people get caught taking too much of it since the body can tolerate the drug after taking it for some time. This when Vicodin addiction can happen and when Vicodin treatment may be needed.

Unlike other drugs Vicodin addiction can bring about denial from users since it is a drug that is legally prescribed by doctors. The addiction to Vicodin is seen by most to be a less serious addiction since it is a physician prescribed drug as well and not having as problematic effects. However, this thought process is wrong, as Vicodin addiction is just as dangerous as other addictions, especially if the user does not seek treatment.

The addiction to Vicodin can have both physical and psychological symptoms, as it reduces chemicals in the brain, especially endorphins, which allows it to properly function. When this happens a person must get off the drugs to reverse the process and it is this time when Vicodin withdrawal symptoms occur.

The more a person users Vicodin the more the effects will be shown. Some of the first effects of Vicodin addiction can be nausea and vomiting, dizziness, and even constipation. When a user starts to show these symptoms they are likely addicted to the drug. Since the body becomes tolerant to Vicodin the person will take more of the drug to get its effects and this is when the symptoms of an irregular heartbeat and hallucinations can occur. Many times a Vicodin addict will also have feelings of cloudiness and confusion, as this can be dangerous in dealing with employment and personal relationships. The further along the addiction to Vicodin is the more psychological effects will show.

Vicodin Treatment Options

While addiction to Vicodin can be a very serious and dangerous matter there are several types of Vicodin addiction treatment options. The Vicodin treatment that a person chooses will be important in how successful the road to sobriety will be. The right treatment for the user will depend on their specific needs. There is both inpatient and outpatient treatment of both long and short-term, as well as day treatments, aftercare treatments, and holistic treatments. The best way to choose the right type of treatment is to speak to a professional drug counselor. They can give a person all the information they need in what Vicodin treatment will be the right one for them as well as answering any questions about Vicodin addiction.

The more extreme the addiction to Vicodin is the more inpatient treatment may be needed. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, if they do have to go through a detoxification process an inpatient center with a professional staff will help the person when they have Vicodin withdrawal symptoms. Second, at an inpatient center the person will not be able to leave the facility, which makes it very hard for them to get their hands on the drug. Many times an inpatient Vicodin treatment facility will have medical options for the user to help them wean them off the drug as well as counseling available.

The fact that the user does not have to go through the process of Vicodin treatment alone is another big advantage for inpatient Vicodin treatment centers. A person in the program will not only have support from the staff of physicians, nurses, and counselors, but other users will also be in the program and they can offer support as well.

Outpatient Vicodin treatment tends to deal with counseling more whether it be one on one of group sessions. People that have good willpower or do not have a major Vicodin addiction can take advantage of outpatient treatment, as there is no professional supervision after the sessions are over. How extreme Vicodin withdrawal symptoms are will depend on how long the person has been taking the drug and how much of it they have taken.

Vicodin Detox and Vicodin Withdrawal

Vicodin is a drug that is very addictive and convulsions and/or seizures can take place if a person stops using the drug cold turkey. Because of this the best way to deal with withdrawals is to do so gradually with the help of drug treatment centers that will have a full medical staff. Typical physical Vicodin withdrawal symptoms are nausea, vomiting, sweating profusely, diarrhea, a runny nose, and becoming fidgety and agitated.

Vicodin withdrawal symptoms will show up in the user if they go through the detoxification process ridding their system off the drug. The detox process may be the toughest part of recovery, but it is vital for the drugs to get out of a user’s system so they do not still crave it. If a person goes through the detox process they should do it in an inpatient Vicodin treatment center, as they will be under professional supervision and they can be given medication that can make the process easier and much less painful. If a person goes through Vicodin withdrawals by themselves it can be done, but the success rate for recovery is much less than at an inpatient treatment center.

Getting Help for Vicodin Addiction

Getting help for Vicodin addiction is the first step towards recovery. As you can see there are many options for users that want to get off Vicodin and get sober. Vicodin treatment is the best options for getting off the drug, but a person, who is serious about doing so, gives himself or herself a much better chance of success by choosing the right treatment for their situation. A person that wants to kick the habit should do a little research and definitely talk to a drug counselor, who will steer the user towards the Vicodin treatment that is right for them.