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Choosing a Drug Treatment Program

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Finding the right drug treatment program that will work for you is important.

So you’ve decided to get help for substance abuse?  Do you know what drug treatment programs are available in your area or what types of treatment are out there to help you get sober?  Choosing a drug treatment program can be tough.  You have to know what goes into choosing the best drug treatment, how to research your options and what the options are that may be most suitable for you.  In a time when you are already stressed about addiction and all you want to do is recover, all of these questions may seem like more of a burden than they do help, but with the right information you can leverage the knowledge of power to make the right decision.

Ask Yourself This

Choosing a drug treatment program begins with a look at your condition.  Ask yourself these questions first and answer as honestly as possible:

  • Am I physically dependent on this drug?
  • Do I suffer from withdrawal symptoms that are dangerous or are they just uncomfortable?
  • Can I cope with withdrawal symptoms without medical intervention or would it be in my best interest to have medical care on my side?
  • Do I have the support of friends and family at home or will they potentially derail my recovery by offering me a drink or sharing a substance with me?
  • Do I suffer from pain, mental illness, disease or another health condition that should be treated?
  • Are there any roadblocks to my getting sober, anything that would prevent me from making the commitment?
  • Can I live in a residential treatment program for at least 30 days, will my family be alright, will I still have my job when I get out, is it going to jeopardize my schooling?

Choose a Program Like This

Once you’ve asked yourself all of the above questions, you can begin to narrow down the options that are available to assist you in recovery.  For instance, if you have family commitments that prevent you from living in a residential treatment program for a period of at least 30 days, then you may be better suited to outpatient treatment.  However, if you suffer from dangerous withdrawal symptoms, inpatient detox at a minimum may be required.  Here’s a look at what each type of drug treatment program can offer:

  • Residential Drug Treatment:  Offers around-the-clock care, housing, sober environments, support, and consistency that is paired with medical intervention for your safety in recovery.
  • Outpatient Drug Treatment:  Offers limited care, support and regular (but not consistent) monitoring to ensure you remain abstinent from drug use but does not provide you with housing.  You must seek after hours support on your own through friends or family members.
  • Sober Living:  A transitional method that really isn’t treatment, though it does usually require that you continue in an outpatient treatment program and there may be random drug or alcohol screenings to ensure you maintain consistency in your sobriety.
  • Long-Term Drug Treatment:  A residential program that is at least 90 days and usually six months or longer providing you with continued care, support and treatment that is ideal for the hardest to treat addiction cases.
  • Detox Programs:  These typically offer medical intervention and stabilization in the early days of recovery. Some detox programs also provide residential treatment while others only help the patient to stabilize and then refer him or her to a residential or outpatient treatment program.

Which is Right for Me?

When choosing a drug treatment program, you must decide which type of treatment is going to be right for you and you must decide this based on the facts.  You may think that you want to live at home while getting help, but if you are heavily physically dependent on drugs, you suffer from dangerous withdrawal symptoms or you use drugs with your family members or other members of your household then you probably need to seek residential treatment for your own safety in recovery.  The right treatment program for your needs will provide you with adequate monitoring, effective treatment, consistent support and the right level of care to keep you sober and on the right path to recovery.

Finding a program that has group therapy and peer support is good for you to connect with others dealing with the same struggles.