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Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in America and while it does not have the side effects, both physical and psychological, of “harder” drugs such as cocaine or heroin many people still struggle with marijuana addiction. Marijuana, which is called many things such as weed or pot, is a drug that is smoked, as even though it is natural coming from the cannabis plant there are still many harmful chemicals in it. One of them main risks of prolonged marijuana use is that many experts think it is a type of gateway drug, which means it is a drug that can lead a person to use harder drugs that can be more harmful. While marijuana addiction is not seen to be as harmful as addictions to other types of drugs there are still marijuana addiction treatment options for people that want to kick their addiction.

Physical Effects of Marijuana Addiction

The main ingredient in marijuana is TCH, which is the short version of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. The body absorbs the THC very shortly after the person smokes marijuana and there are many physical effects of the drug. A couple of the main physical effects of marijuana, which show up very quickly are red eyes and a dry mouth. Other physical side effects of the drug are an increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, a slowing of a person’s reaction time, and an increased appetite.

Since marijuana is a drug that is smoked people that have smoked the drug for a significant amount of time can develop cancer, problems with breathing and a shortness of breath, and various immune system problems. While marijuana does not have the same chemicals that are in cigarettes there have been studies that have shown that smoking a significant amount of marijuana is very similar to smoking cigarettes. However, this is still disputed by many experts. People that have a marijuana addiction can have breathing related side effects such as coughing, wheezing, and chest colds. Marijuana addiction in males can also bring about low sperm count and a decreased level of testosterone.

Marijuana effects will not be seen as much after 3 or 4 hours of first smoking the drug, but that does not mean that the drug is out of the system. Marijuana can stay in a person’s system for around 24 hours and this is the case even though the high of the drug has already worn off.

Psychological Effects of Marijuana Addiction

The euphoria and a general feeling of goodness and relaxed is the main psychological effect of smoking marijuana. However, with prolonged use of marijuana people can see the effects of paranoia, short-term memory loss, depression, and anxiety. Paranoia is an effect, which many feel when smoking marijuana and it can lead to major anxiety as well as a distortion of cognitive thought. Much like there is a different physical effect in marijuana effect in males there can be a different psychological effect in women. The THC in the drug has an effect on the hormones in women and it may lead to irregular periods, as marijuana will have an effect on the menstruation cycle. Marijuana addiction in women can bring about and increase in testosterone levels and increased risk of infertility.

Much like the physical effects of smoking marijuana the psychological effects will tend to disappear after a few hours. However, since the drug is still in the system so of the effects can last up to a day.

Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction treatment is very important when a person wants to get off the drug. As you can see Marijuana addiction is a drug that can bring about physical and psychological side effects. While it is the case that marijuana is not as harmful as other drugs kicking the habit can be just as hard. The chance of a relapse is great since the person can crave the drug. This why marijuana addiction treatment is important.

Marijuana addiction treatment is not simply stopping smoking pot. The treatment can help people not only kick the habit, but also help them to get back to being the person was before they became addicted. Professionals that work in marijuana addiction programs can help users learn more about their addiction and their recovery can make them much less likely to have a relapse. Marijuana addiction treatment is not as intensive and people can learn coping tools and also learn about how to avoid a relapse with various warning signs.

There is not one type of marijuana addiction treatment that is right for every user, as the right one will be tailored for the person and how extreme their addiction is. Typically with marijuana addiction, as well as any other type of addiction, the more extreme it is the more an inpatient addiction center is needed. The reason for this is that at an inpatient center the person will not be able to leave the grounds in order to get their hands on marijuana. It is important the user matches the marijuana addiction treatment that will suit their needs and give them the best chance of kicking their habit. Some types of marijuana addiction programs are inpatient or outpatient programs, outpatient therapy, counseling, and various 12-step and group meetings. People can quit on their own, but it is much easier to do it by taking advantage of what a marijuana treatment program can offer.

While withdrawal symptoms are not as intense as with other drugs they are still there, especially emotional and mental ones that will make the person want to relapse. Even if a person goes through a type of marijuana addiction program they should still seek out ongoing counseling, which will make it less likely that they relapse.

It does not matter if it is an inpatient or outpatient treatment program of counseling or group sessions, as any type of program can give a user a pillar of support. Also in group settings other types pf treatment programs the user can see they are not alone and that can even give more support. If a person tried to beat their marijuana addiction alone they should make sure that they have support from their friends and family and do not associate with people that are smoking marijuana.

Any time a person is considering going into a treatment program they should speak to a drug counselor so they can choose the right one for their specific situation.