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Paying for Cocaine Addiction Treatment

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Don't break your budget to pay for cocaine addiction treatment.

Paying for cocaine addiction treatment or any other addiction treatment services for that matter can be difficult.  For many people, especially those who have suffered cocaine addiction and the financial burden that comes with an addiction, paying for treatment seems like an impossible feat.  The cost of treatment just seems so far out of reach that finding help that is affordable, effective and consistent becomes more of a dream than a reality.

Fortunately, even when you think that there’s nowhere else to turn and that there’s nothing you can do to gather up the money to pay for treatment, there are still options available to assist you in financing the recovery that will lead you on a path to sobriety and happy living.  From insurance to family and friends, there are people and programs available to assist you in getting adequate treatment for cocaine addiction so that you can get your life back on track.

Insurance Coverage

Paying for cocaine addiction treatment can sometimes be established with insurance.  If you have health insurance coverage or if you are covered by a state program such as Medicaid or Medicare, you may be eligible for treatment in a residential facility.  Because addiction is a real, legitimate, medical disease, many insurance providers automatically provide coverage for such.  In other cases, you may have to request a special rider be placed on your insurance policy to foot the cost of the treatment but there are options to get help.

Many employers will even help to pay for the cost of treatment to help their employees out and provide them with a chance to get sober and keep their jobs.  If you have an employer-subsidized health insurance program, consider talking with human resources to determine if there is coverage that can help you to pay for the cost of treatment.  Even just a little bit of help can go a long way so it’s important to exercise all of your options here.

Borrowing from Friends or Family

You may think that you’ve already done enough damage to your loved ones by taking them through the suffering and pain of your addiction but don’t think that they won’t help you when it comes to paying for treatment.  Cocaine addiction treatment may be costly, but it’s also effective!  Your family and friends would probably be happy to provide you with some assistance for the right cause and if it means you getting sober and no longer suffering from the strongholds of cocaine addiction, chances are you’ll find that more people are on board to help than you even thought.

Once you are sober and find a new way in life and a new job, you can make it your goal to pay back those who helped you out.  Chances are, the loved ones who pay for your treatment will be so happy to see you sober and doing well, many may not even ask for the money back in return.


Many treatment programs offer financing which can help to cover the cost of treatment now and allow you more time to pay later.  While your credit may be damaged or bruised as a result of the addiction and financial burden that cocaine addiction has had on you, chances are you could find someone to cosign the deal and help you get the help that you need.  It can take time and it may be difficult for you to accept help from others, especially in this difficult time, but remember that even a little help goes a long way in providing you with the chance to get sober, stay clean and make a difference in your life.