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Meth Addiction Treatment

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Meth Addiction

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Methamphetamine, more commonly called crystal meth or just meth, addiction is a major problem these days for many people, as it is a drug that is easy to get, cheap, and can give a lasting high. Crystal meth is one of the most addicting drugs and there are many physical and psychological effects. There are numerous dangers associated with the addiction to crystal meth, but there are also many treatment options available to users that want to kick their habit.

Crystal Meth and Meth Addiction

Meth is a drug that can be smoked, snorted, or taken with the use of needles. The high lasts from anywhere from 3 to 24 hours and gives the user a sense of euphoria as well as increased alertness. This occurs because the heart rate is increased from the chemicals that are in the drugs.

One of the main ingredients in crystal meth is Ephedrine or pseudoephedrine and these chemicals can be procured very easily and legally. There are many “meth labs” where people can easily cook up crystal meth. When meth was first on the scene it was more of a party drug or one used to lose weight. While the drug still serves these purposes more and more people all around America use the drug and get easily hooked. Meth is different than cocaine, which has many of the same physical effects as meth, as it releases dopamine, which is a substance that makes cravings increase with the user. The more dopamine is released with the use of crystal meth the more extreme the crystal meth addiction is.

Physical Effects of Methamphetamine Addiction

There mare many physical side effects to crystal meth addiction and the more extreme the addiction is the more dangerous the effects are. Some of the physical effects are high blood pressure, insomnia, blood vessel damage, heart problems, paranoia, convulsions, brain damage, loss of appetite, chest pain, kidney and liver damage, and increased heart rate. People that are addicted to crystal meth can seem very jerky and aggressive, as they have a hard time keeping still.

Many hardcore meth addicts look like they have a collapsed or sunken jaw as well as wounds on the face. Meth is a drug that dries out the skin and the addict also feels a sense of itchiness and constantly scratches their skin, which can cause scabs. Prolonged use of meth also leads to rotten teeth and the gum of the user will dry out, which leads to the user grinding their teeth. Other effects that can be seen more the more extreme the addiction is dramatic weight loss, excessive energy, excessive sweating, and patterns of deep sleep when the drug wears off.

Psychological Effects of Methamphetamine Addiction

Some of the psychological side effects of crystal meth addiction are paranoia, hallucinations, depression, panic, attacks, and mood swings. A person who is addicted to meth will have obsessive behavior and they can fly off the handle more than they would if they were not on the drug. Addicts can act very suspicious of people and can become angry very quickly. The more a person uses meth the more their effects will be shown and this is especially the case with paranoia and hallucinations because a hardcore addict will be up for days at a time not getting the proper sleep they need for the brain to work properly.

Dangers of Meth Addiction

There are also dangers of crystal meth addiction besides the many physical and psychological side effects. Prolonged use can lead to major heart issues and with prolonged and with using too much of the drug tremors and convulsions can also be seen. Meth is a drug that a person can suffer an overdose from, so death would be a HUGE danger. Another danger of crystal meth addiction is that a person may turn to crime in order to get the money to feed their habit. The addiction to meth also can ruin relationships, as when a user becomes addicted the drug becomes the most important thing in their life. Because of this friends, family, and a person’s job are put on the backburner, as the user only looks to get the meth high.

Meth Addiction Treatment and Crystal Meth Recovery

The best way for meth recovery is to take advantage of the various types of meth addiction treatment. There is both inpatient and outpatient crystal meth treatment programs and the type of program a user chooses will be the one that gives them the best chance for crystal meth recovery. One of the best ways to choose the right crystal meth addiction treatment is to speak to a drug counselor, as they can steer a person to the right program depending on their specific needs.

The more extreme the crystal meth addiction the more an inpatient program will be needed. Many times if a person is addicted to meth they will go through withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking the drug. Withdrawals can be very uncomfortable, painful, and may even be life threatening. This is why it is important that an inpatient crystal meth treatment is used, as there is a professional staff to look after the user and they may even need various types of medication in order to make the detoxification process easier. The length of the inpatient treatment will depend on the person’s use and how advanced their addiction is. Also, inpatient programs will have the person stay at the center for a set amount of time, which will make them much less likely to get meth.

Outpatient treatment has more to do with counseling and this can be in a one on one or group session. However, people that have extreme addictions or do not have much willpower should take advantage of inpatient crystal meth addiction treatment. Many times, counseling and outpatient programs are coupled with an inpatient program in order to give a person a greater chance for crystal meth recovery.

Crystal meth counseling can give them life management tools in order to decrease their chance of a relapse. People can learn coping skills and they can learn how to identify the warning signs that lead to a relapse. It is important that a use has the help of friends and family that can give them support while they are going through crystal meth treatment. Crystal meth recovery is not easy, but with support and the right treatment program it can make getting sober much easier.