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Long Term Alcohol Rehab

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Long-term alcohol rehab removes you from the environment that may be causing your addiction to get worse.

Are you or does someone you love suffer from addiction to alcohol?  Have you tried other methods of treatment such as outpatient therapy or even a short stay in a 30 day inpatient program but still seem to abuse alcohol despite the treatment that you have received?  If you have tried to get sober and cannot seem to kick the habit, long term alcohol rehab may be the best choice for you.  This extended stay in treatment is not necessary for everyone but for some people, a short stay in a residential program just doesn’t provide an adequate amount of time to get sober and something more is needed; long term alcohol rehab can help.

What is Long Term Alcohol Rehab?

Long term alcohol rehab is slightly different that you typical stay in a residential treatment program. These programs are usually a period of 90 days or more and provide an extended care option to help you fully recover, integrate back into a sober lifestyle and ease into living sober alone.  Not for the faint hearted, long-term alcohol rehab will require your commitment and a lot of your time but in the end, you will be rewarded with sobriety that can last a lifetime.

How is it Different?

Long term alcohol rehab is different in that it offers you an extended period of time to get well.  Sometimes, detox alone will take many months to complete and if you’re in a traditional 90 day treatment program, this can leave no time or very little time for psychological counseling and healing. With long term alcohol rehab, you will have plenty of time to fully stabilize and overcome the physical dependence associated with your alcoholism and you will also have adequate time to work toward psychological healing through counseling and therapy.

Who Needs it?

If you are heavily dependent on alcohol, have been using alcohol for many years, or have tried other methods of treatment and had little success then you should consider the benefits of long term alcohol rehab.  You won’t get sober overnight, just like your addiction didn’t start overnight.  With the right treatment, extended care and a focus on recovery, long term alcohol rehab can provide you with a successful opportunity to get sober and to stay that way.