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Holistic Drug Treatment

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When you are suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, holistic drug treatment can be a very powerful and beneficial recovery program to enter into. This type of drug treatment takes a mind, body and spirit approach to help you recover physically, spiritually, and emotionally from the various traumas that have resulted from addiction as well as from any previously existing traumas or wounds that may have been at the root cause of the addiction to begin with. Holistic drug treatment programs can help individuals to regain control of their lives.

Understanding Holistic Drug Treatment

Holistic drug treatment focuses on helping the addict to completely remove all toxins from their body through detoxification. Various types of detoxification may be used at a holistic drug treatment center including nutrition or dietary detox, saunas, and exercise in which the toxins are sweated out. Further, the addict is expected to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol to assure that the toxins are eliminated from the system. The detoxification process is the very first stage of a holistic drug treatment program.

Following detox, holistic drug treatment programs will begin to focus treatment on helping the individual heal physically, psychologically and spiritually. This whole body approach to treatment is how a holistic drug treatment program helps individuals to make a full recovery from addiction. Various types of therapy and counseling are provided at holistic drug treatment centers including individual and group counseling sessions.

The services offered at holistic drug treatment programs may differ from traditional drug treatment program services because the holistic approach to treatment focuses on a whole body therapy. Some of the most common services provided at holistic drug treatment centers include acupuncture, exercise therapy, health and nutritional counseling, spiritual guidance and counseling, meditation, massage and yoga.

How Holistic Treatment Services Benefit the Addict and Aid in Recovery

Holistic drug treatment services are aimed at helping the addict during the addiction treatment process. Each of the services offered at a holistic drug treatment center can help to heal the individual from the pain and trauma that has been caused by the addiction as well as pain or trauma that may have been evident prior to the addiction.

Acupuncture is used to treat pain associated with withdrawals as well as various other ailments that are often associated with the drug detox phase such as nausea, vomiting or headaches. Acupuncture is often used at holistic drug treatment centers because it provides a natural way to overcome withdrawal symptoms and other problems during the recovery process and does not require the use of additional medications that can otherwise hinder the recovery process.

All holistic drug treatment programs will emphasize daily exercise and a healthy diet. Most will provide nutritional counseling that can help an addict to understand the importance of a healthy diet and how this can help them in their recovery efforts. Further, daily exercise helps individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol to remove the toxins from their bodies more quickly and effectively get over the withdrawal symptoms.

Holistic drug treatment centers provide a range of spiritual counseling and guidance. The idea here is to heal the spirit and that’s why most holistic drug treatment programs include yoga, Tai-chi, mediation and other spiritual based treatment plans. An individual can greatly benefit from a healed spirit, and when all else has been lost as a result of addiction, having a strong spirit can help to pull the addict through the tough times.

How Holistic Drug Treatment Can be Integrated with Traditional Treatment

Many of the holistic drug treatment approaches can be integrated with traditional treatment programs to provide a well rounded plan for recovery from addiction. Although there are challenges that will be faced along the way, integrating a holistic approach to treatment can be done as long as the drug treatment center staff realize that each person is their own person and that no two addictions are ever the same. There are ways to blend various holistic drug treatment services with a traditional approach. For instance, acupuncture can be used for pain, relaxation and to ease various withdrawal symptoms even under a traditional treatment plan.

Depending on the needs of the individual, a range of holistic services can be used in conjunction with a traditional drug treatment approach to provide the best possible chance of a complete recovery from addiction. Most often, holistic drug treatment programs can help by providing a safe and effective way for the addict to withdraw and detox from drugs and alcohol so that they can begin to recover and heal their mind, body and spirit.

Regardless of the addiction, the length of time the individual has suffered from addiction or the type of treatment that is sought, holistic drug treatment has the benefit of helping the addict take a full body approach to their own recovery. Holistic drug treatment helps an individual to overcome every facet of addiction, the physical trauma, the emotional trauma and the spiritual trauma to make a full recovery.