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Types of Treatment at Alcohol Rehab for Teenagers

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According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in 2012 there was an estimated 855,000 teens ranging in age from 12-17 with an alcohol abuse disorder. Realizing that your teen is struggling with alcohol abuse is very difficult and can be very stressful on a family. It is so important to focus on getting your teen the help needed to combat this abuse and it is so important to find a rehab program that will help all of you. There are many options available for treatment all of which can prove to be excellent but should be specific to the needs of your teen. While similar in nature to the treatment process of an adult, there are some unique needs a teen would have that should be included in their treatment; the most important component would be the family as a whole.

Treatment Options

Inpatient residential rehab- while the length of stay can vary with a teen a typical time frame would be 30-60 days. The inpatient plan for a teen would be to go through the detox process, if needed, and have clinical assessments by a fully qualified medical staff who will be on site with them 24/7. Once assessed, treatment plans will be modified as necessary to provide the most effective outcomes.

Outpatient rehab is sometimes an option that works well. Although depending on how long and how much your teen has been abusing alcohol is usually the best way to determine the level of care needed.

Support and Therapy is key once they have completed the detox phase. Your teen will be exposed to peers, teens just like them who have the same struggles and issues. There will also be professional clinical and non-clinical staff that will provide therapy and support groups to allow them to talk about their feelings, concerns and ways to continue on the path to recovery. Family support groups are also introduced during this time period, as it is a difficult time for them as well. The family needs to heal along with the teen and also identify any triggers at home, which could be harmful to your teen. If you have other children openly discussing these issues will hopefully provide them with a good foundation as to why they would not want to abuse alcohol.

Goals of Treatment

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Teenage alcohol rehab specializes in treatment for adolescents.

While alcohol rehab is a very urgent phase of treatment there will always be the ongoing issue of aftercare and remaining on the path of recovery. Nobody could predict the reasons why a person would relapse but being proactive is key. Some goals you should include:

  • Education– it is a critical factor and you must understand how to continually educate you, your teen and your family on the dangers of the abuse and how to prevent it.
  • Conflict resolution, having teens is not easy however throw in alcohol abuse and it gets much harder- continue to listen- be open-minded and remind them that everything can be resolved in the correct manner.
  • Continued therapy and support groups, once the teen has completed their treatment plan it’s certainly not over. Addiction can be a battle they will face everyday for the rest of their life. It is important to ensure there is an aftercare plan and never be afraid to reach out should you feel the need.